Playmaker Live provides live, online skill development for basketball players at every level and position in the convenience and safety of their own home.  We are committed to lead the way in the online training market to provide live workouts that are affordable and available to athletes anywhere in the world.  Our creative live workouts will give us a competitive advantage over traditional online training companies that are selling video workouts and training by having a live trainer communicate with players so they will be more engaged and get more out of the training sessions. 

Playmaker Coaches


Watch the demo to view sample skills and drills used in Playmaker Live workouts.  All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet with a camera and internet connection.  Make sure you have space available to practice and a basketball.  Some practices will require additional items like a chair or 2 basketballs so be prepared.

Alex Hamouz

Playmaker Coach

Coach Alex is a graduate of Cactus Shadows High School and is attending PVCC.  Alex is currently the lead basketball coach for Desert Elite Club basketball and DFAC developmental basketball

DeeJay Hamilton

Playmaker Coach

Coach DeeJay is a graduate of Martin Luther King High School in Riverside CA and currently attending Arizona Christian University.  DeeJay is a member of the Desert Elite Coaching Staff

Ariana Torres

Playmaker Coach

Coach Ariana is a graduate of Cactus Shadows High School in Cave Creek AZ and is now attending Northern Arizona University.  Ari is the girls coach for Desert Elite Club basketball and trainer of the Elite Basketball Academy.




Advanced Chair

Ball Handling

Very challenging ball handling workout is done while sitting in a chair

Whiteboard 3v3 IQ

We will use the whiteboard to break down 3v3 basketball IQ questions and scenarios followed by conditioning.

Playmaker Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning Workout that will make you a Playmaker

Pressure Handles

Ball Handling Drills under Pressure

Friday the 13th

Frightening Drills

Scary workout that will frighten you

Workout w/ Friends

Invite Your Friends to join you in this Fun Skills Workout

Dribbling Combo Moves

Dribble Combination Moves to help you leave your opponent in the dust

Dominate on Defense

Skills needed to dominate on defense – Footwork, Balance, Strength and Discipline

Turkey Workout

All-Around Skills Workout to Keep Skills Sharp during the Holidays

Thanksgiving Burn

Very Challenging workout to burn off that Awesome Thanksgiving dinner

Defensive Footwork

Footwork and Agility Workout to improve your defense

Dribble Master

Lots of different dribbling drills that will make you the Dribble Master

Pumpkin Dribbling

Halloween themed Ball Handling workout

Monster Conditioning

Tough conditioning workout for the monster in you

Spooky Handles

Ball handling workout with a “Spooky” twist

Elite Hoop Skills

All around training workout that will help you make the jump from good to Elite

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