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Live Online Basketball Training Available to Athletes in the Convenience and Safety of their Homes

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Live Online Basketball Training

Quick Description

Playmaker Live is a live, online basketball skill development service.  We make basketball training available to players at every skill level anywhere in the world in the convenience and safety of their own home.


Our Mission

To make basketball training available at an affordable price using our unique, live and online training sessions to players anywhere in the world


Our Vision

To become the leading provider of online basketball training on a global scale for players of all skill levels.


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The more you train, the better you will get

The harder you train, the better you will get

The more you train harder, the more better you will get


All Players want to improve and we have put 2021 behind us and time to start 2022 with fresh goals for players who do want to get better.  We encourage players to workout for at least 30 minutes every day.  Playmaker Live has 5 practices in April to help reach the goal of training every day.  Supplement your team practices with a PML session on days off and even before your team practice.  It's OK to workout more than once a day and more than twice a week.  PRACTICE!  PRACTICE!  PRACTICE!

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Playmaker Practices are Unique - Every Practice is Different

Do you want variety in your training?

Tired of doing the same drills every practice?

Do you want to have fun while training?


Stop the uninspired workouts and supplement your training with Playmaker Live.   We have 4 different practices in January.  Playmaker Live practices focus on Hoop Skills, Ball Handling, Coordination, Agility, IQ and working up a Sweat!

Preparing for a school tryout?  Playing for a Club, YMCA or Rec team?  Playmaker Live practices will improve your skills and confidence to take that next step.


All you need is a  computer, smartphone or tablet with a camera and internet connection and have a basketball and a small space available to work out. 

How To Register

New to Playmaker Live - Click on the Create Account Now button below and follow the instructions

Already a Member - Click on the Log In To Your Account button below

Or go to the Registration Page and Click on the Practice you want to participate in and follow the instructions




In July, all practices will begin at 10:30am PST on Tuesdays and 1:00pm on Fridays.  Check the schedule regularly for new practices added.

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